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London, the city of dreams, is one of the popular tourist destinations and it is a desire city from thousands of people wishing to move here. It is the leading global city with strengths of arts, commerce, architect, economics, finance, education fashion, media, professional services, healthcare, research and development, tourism and so many activities. The city is popular since old times and a major city known around the world since 19th century.

If you are planning to visit to London for touring reasons or business reasons, you will find many things of attractions in the city which will probably make you feel happy being here. Here is a guide about something interesting for you to know when you are in London! Within the boundaries of London, 300 languages are spoken and people with variant cultures and religions are living here. It is the populous city in whole European Union. London has various districts and the metropolitan area of the London is the largest in UK. The Romans have founded the city and named it as Londinium.

London is full of exciting locations and it has four World Heritage Sites which are Kew Gardens, Tower of London, the Palace of Westminster and the Churches of St. Margaret and Westminster Abbey and also the Greenwich historic settlement. The food, the culture, the architect, the history, the financial market, the shopping centers, the hotels and the restaurants all are making the London city amazing and exciting. All of these are picking up the attention of thousands of tourists to come here every year.

With the number of tourists, the number of people residing is also increasing every year and this leads to property value of the city very high. In coming articles, you will get a good pile of information about London and things you can do when you are in London.